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Mosses @ Ground cover



Many mosses and ground cover , (carpeting) plants,are a great way to add a truely natural and well-grown look to your aquacsape.

Most mosses we offer are very hardy and can thrive in various water and lighting canditions.Mosses are also a great way to provide cover and natural hiding areas for shrimp and breeding fish.Many mosses can be tied to driftwood or rocks and will attach over time for great effects in your aquascape.On the other hand many carpeting plants are more delicate and require more care to flourish.Most of the ground cover,(carpeting) plants we offer will excel with high lighting and the addition of co2 and consistent micronutrient fertilization.Yet,under the proper conditions these plants will "carpet" or grow across the substrate of the tank and provide a stunning,natural appearance to your scape.Ground cover plants also provide excellent hiding areas for shrimp and smaller or breeding fish.

Please refer to individual plant descriptions in store for more detailed information on individual species

If ever you dont see what you need here contact us and we will find it for you.