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Live Aquarium plants for beginners

Even if you've never grown live plants in an aquarium,it can be very easy to grow stunning plants,and create a beautiful aquascape with nothing more than basic aquarium knowledge. I frequently get asked "what is the most important things to have for a Planted Aquarium",and for the beginner it is always Lighting and Substrate. Starting with the most important is Substrate. It is important to note that most aquarium plants will want to recieve the majority of there nutrients from their roots,so it is important to have a substrate which holds nutrients made available for the plants more easily. I personally recommend using a planted fishtank substrate,which many are available. These products are designed to hold nutrients better,and also provide a secure planting area for finer rooted plants. With a good substrate you will have a much better chance of success with your plants.

Lighting is a broad topic with many variebles. Lets just say that you can grow plants even with the most standard fixtures. It is important however to know the spectrum of your bulbs. The spectrum is the number that determines the light intensity that the bulb "gives off". A good bulb spectrum for planted aquariums is 5000k on the low end to 10,000k high end. Usually a number in between that is a reasonable choice. Also determine how many watts per gallon your light is using. Unless you are using L.E.D.S, watts per gallon is a good way to measure your lighting. Anything under 3 watts per gallon is considered "lower light". You will be limited some as to what you can grow,but still will have a large variety even with "low-light".

Fired Up Aquatics is always happy to help people with their planted aquariums. Knowing these 2 basic things above will get you on your way to growing plants and having that natural Aquascape. We have a large selection of plants suitable for beginners,and have added categories and bundle packages to make it easy to find em.


Fired Up Aquatics sells and ships low light plants from Golden, Colorado, for use in aquariums of many types.


Contact us to inquire about any plants you may need that you dont see on this site.We can get em.

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