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 Aquatic Plants For Sale, Golden, CO

Let us help you add a touch of nature and a world of color to your aquarium.

Fired Up Aquatics, in Golden, Colorado, sells aquatic plants and aquatic plant accessories to customers throughout the United States.

We specialize in catering to people who love aquatics and planted aquariums. Our company sells and ships our products to anywhere in the U.S. Allow us to show you the difference healthy live plants can make in the overall health of your aquarium. Let Fired Up Aquatics bring a touch of color and the beauty of nature to your aquarium.

We will be adding new selections of plants to our store in 2014!!

We always listen to our customers,and try to bring new plants that have been in high-demand from our customers.We are always looking for great plants and good deals to bring our customers that can't be found anywhere else.We will continue to carry a large,varied selection of the highest quality plants available,and always be looking to add even more.


Manzanita Wood now available in Store!!

A new shipment has just arrived and is now ready in the Store..There is a package available for atleast 5 choice 12" pieces for 25$..For larger orders,feel free to contact us..We can feel some larger orders as well..We will to continue to build our inventory with quality aquascping essentials..Happy Scaping

We appreciate all our customers and supporters and prove it by offering 2 monthly giveaways.

Monthly picture contest: send us pics of your tanks/fish/plants to mrmomtanks@firedupaquatics.net to be entered to win 25$ store credit and your pic featured on one of our page headers for a month!

Customer Aprreciation Monthly Giveaway: with any plant purchase you will be automatically entered to win a 25$ store credit. Buy some plants and you could win some free stuff.

With the recent cold weather we currently recommend contacting your P.O. to hold package if under freezing temps in your area.

Although cooler temps are beneficial to plants,we don't want them to freeze..No guarantee on frozen plants..

We can provide tracking #'s upon request..Your P.O. will hold your package for pickup if notified..



There is NO MINIMUM ORDER HERE. Feel free to order as little or as much as you need.

No inflated shipping costs at Fired Up Aquatics, with a flat rate of $8.00*(see shipping details).(plants only)

Spend a minimum of $50.00 and shipping is FREE.* (continental U.S. only) (plant orders only)          

Fired Up Aquatics will always strive to use and review all products we offer here. If we would'nt personally plant it, feed it, or plug it in, we wont sell it.




Contact us in Golden, Colorado, for all your hard-to-find aquatic plants. 

We are committed to qaulity customer service




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Fired Up Aquatics Shipping Terms and Conditions:

All plant orders will ship on Mondays,Tues. and Weds. for same week delivery. All plant orders will be shipped via U.S.P.S. 2-3 day priority mail. All shipments become consignee's property upon acceptance by the carrier and any claims due to delay by carrier or weather conditions must be filed directly with the carrier. In an effort to save our customers money on freight costs,we have been utilizing U.S.P.S. Priority Mail.Even though the typical Priority Mail delivery time is 2-3 days,The U.S.P.S. does not guarantee an arrival date and they also do not insure for loss of perishables. We do the best we can to send fresh,high-quality plants in the most cost effective way on a customer-by-customer basis.We will gladly use the freight carrier and service level of your choice,but will only guarantee plants that are delivered within 3 days. Most other products will be shipped within 24 hrs unless otherwise stated.Tracking #'s for all orders can be obtained by contacting us anytime. Rest assure we will take every reasonable step to insure your plants arrive to you in good,healthy condition. If at anytime your not satisfied contact us and we will work with you.


Fired Up Aquatics Satisfaction Guarantee/Return Policy.

All plant quality issues must be reported within 12 hrs of customer receipt in order for us to be able to offer credits or provide replacements,as well as to help us troubleshoot and improve our procedures.We only guarantee plants delivered within 3 days,any claims due to delay by carrier or weather conditions must be filed directly with the carrier.

Remember if you dont see what you need here contact us and we will find it for you.Thank You for visiting our website....Mrmom , Jfleshtanks

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